Terry O’Neil Sensei 7th Dan at the Hombu


Oneill Seminar

On Sunday 5th July Terry O’Neill Sensei ran his regular summer seminar at the Zanshin JKR-UK Hombu dojo in Nottingham.

O’Neill Sensei has been teaching at the Zanshin regularly for over 25 years.

The event has always had to have its numbers limited due its popularity, this year was no exception.

Over 60 karate-ka travelling from as far as Bournemouth and Fife came to train at the event, which had a great atmosphere even before Sensei entered the dojo.

Oneill Seminar

O’Neill Sensei provided two classes, one general all grades class and as usual an extended black and brown belt session.

O’Neill Sensei always overloads you with information and practical anecdotes.

O’Neill Sensei will back at the Zanshin later this year to teach a practical Nunchaku seminar on the 20th September and he will be doing a joint special self defence seminar with Simon Oliver Sensei 6th Dan Chief Instructor for the JKR-UK.

The Street Survival 2 seminars will take place on Sunday 13th December and is a follow up on the popular seminar held earlier in the year.