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Please find listed below all the dates for classes during 2014;


  • Sunday 26th January
  • Sunday 23rd February

  • Sunday 23rd March 
  • Sunday 27th April 
  • Sunday 25th May 
  • Sunday 29th June 
  • Sunday 27th July 
  • Sunday 31st August 
  • Sunday 28th September 
  • Sunday 19th October 
  • Sunday 30th November 
  • Sunday 28th December 


All classes will start at 11:30am and finish at 1:30pm.

The cost remains at £8:00 and the location remains the same;


Konishi Dojo
Digswell Village Hall

Harmer Green Lane




2014 JKR Japan Gasshuku  [15 October 2013]

Yamazaki Sensei is very much looking forward to the lasting memories and life-long bonds that will be created on this trip.

The Brighton dojo recently entered two championships.

Both competitions are aimed at offering students the necessary experience to further their future tournament success. The students entering these competitions are a mix of amateur to European champions.
The Seaford Open Shotokan championships, hosted by Martin Dean. The Brighton dojo had 6 students enter, three adults and three juniors.

Gary Howard took a bronze medal in Bo.
Callum got a Silver in Kata.
The second competition was – The Ramgarhia Karate Championships
This was a smaller inter-club tournament with Seaford and the above group.

Callum went along and achieved – Silver in the individual Kumite and silver in the team kumite.

Brighton Dojo’s first open club competition. Attended by Ryobu-Kai Brighton and Crawley, and Seaford Shotokan Dojo (Martin Dean).

The days was a great success and managed to raise £250. Half for the Brighton dojo to buy mats and the other half towards the Woodingdean Community Centre.

Those entering the competition were all ranks and aged between 4-60 years.

As a bonus there were plenty of homemade cakes and refreshments, so rewards all round.

Competition was held on 2nd October 2011 and will certainly be held again next year.

Advanced Weekly Training with Simon Oliver Sensei


On Saturday the 12th June 2010, Wayne and Marita Sensei hosted at their dojo for the third year running the very popular JKR-UK Family day.

The day was filled with a fun competition mainly focused on the JKR-UK junior members, but the oldies also got chance to demonstrate what they could do to.

Dan Grading 2009

Sadly, we did not get time to do everything we aimed to put into the day, but looking at the photos those that attended certainly enjoyed themselves!

The main attendees came from the Southern JKR-UK region and predominantly from the two largest dojos in the area; Brighton and Crawley.

The JKR-UK board will be looking at how to change the agenda and are now working towards a number of larger events that will attract all the JKR-UK dojos.

The JKR-UK chief Instructor Simon Oliver Sensei oversaw the whole event and was very pleased by the increasing high standard of the junior kata performers.

During next years events we will be looking to organise a full kumite program for those students that are interested.

Wayne and Marita did an excellent job with support from the seniors and parents from both the Crawley and Brighton dojo.

JKR UK DAN GRADING 2009  [3 January 2010]

During Yamazaki Sensei UK Tour 2009 a Dan grading was held on the evening of Saturday the 7th November. JKR- UK does not believe in awarding grades and operates a physical grading for all Dan gradings.

It was with great honour that Yamazaki Sensei conducted grading at the JKR-UK Hombu for the following UK members;
Dan Grading 2009

Simon Jackson passed Shodan

Matthew Leask passed Shodan

Bem Robinson passed Shodan

Maciey Freestone-McDonald passed Nidan

Balraj Manku passed Nidan

Michael Varley passed Sandan

Frank Rhinds passed Yondan

Cyril Cook passed Godan

The JKR-UK board would like to congratulate all on their success and wish them all a long and healthy future in their training.

Yamazaki Sensei 2009 UK TOUR  [2 January 2010]


The Ryobukai UK was honoured to have Kiyoshi Yamazaki Sensei 8th Dan JKR the international chief instructor of the Japan Karate-do Ryobukai visit the three of the main UK dojo’s between 6th to the 10th November. Yamazaki Sensei provided detailed direction in Shindo Jinen Ryu for both Kyu grade and Dan grade members.
Yamazaki Sensei
On Friday the 6th November Alicia Tollhurst Sensei hosted Yamazaki Sensei first seminar at the Brighton dojo. Yamazaki Sensei started with a special class for the junior members of the JKR-UK covering the basics of the Shindo Jinen Ryu. The second session was a Goshin (self-defence) class. The Shindo Jinen Ryu is renowned for its unique blend of original karate-jutsu, Takenouchi Ryu jujitsu, Muso Ryu Jujitsu Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, kendo and western boxing. In the past few years Shindo Jinen Ryu has emerged as the original cross training system from Japan and a preferred effective self defence system of many.
The final session of the evening was on the kata Sōchin (Tranquil Force); originally the kata was introduced by Naha-te master Seishō Aragaki and is believed to have come from dragon style Chun fa, but today it is mainly practiced by Shuri style karate practitioners. This session was expertly conducted by the JKR-UK chief instructor Simon Oliver Sensei 6th Dan JKR. The JKR are unique in covering not just the Itosu kata group but due Konishi Sensei’s receiving instruction with Mabuni Sensei, Miyagi Sensei and Motobu Sensei the Shindo Jinen Ryu also cover kata from all of the major and some lesser known groups.

Yamazaki Sensei travelled next to the JKR-UK Hombu in Nottingham for his next seminar on Sunday 8th November. Sensei conducted two classes, a Goshin session for all grades and a BO (staff) class.
The first two kata’s of the Shindo Jinen Ryu syllabus Sunakake-No-Kon and Sushi-No-Kon Dai were reviewed as well as kumi-bo drills from both kata.

The Shindo Jinen Ryu Kobujitsu syllabus has a direct lineage to Taira Shinken (12.6.1897- 1970) born in Village of Nakazato’on Kumejima Island. Officially recorded as Maezato Shinken, he often used his mother’s maiden name ‘Taira’. After graduated from Nakazato Jinjo Elementary school he later worked at a mine in Minami Jima. During one of his shifts he was caught in a cave-in and buried alive. Although badly wounded, with broken leg he managed to dig his way to safety. When he recovered he continued to work as a miner, but later decided to leave. Because of the accident he was left with a limp which he was to carry for the rest of his life. He felt embarrassed and ashamed. That decided him to learn Bujutsu.
Yamazaki Sensei
At 25 he left to Japan intent on studying Judo. In Tokyo he had a chance meeting with Funakoshi Gichin. Taira was so impressed what Funakoshi told to him, reconsidered his plan and stay from 1922 for the next eight years in his Dojo. He became his assistant instructor and one of his closest students. He often traveled and demonstrated Tameshi waza – breaking techniques. In 1929, with Funakoshi’s recommendation; he entered Yabiku Moden’s dojo to study Ryukyu Kobudo. During his study under Yabiku, Taira mastered the use of such weapons as the Tonfa, Bo, Nunchaku, Sai, and Eku. In 1932, he was granted by permission to open a dojo and taught Kobudo and Karate as well. In 1933 he received his formal teaching license in Ryukyu Kobudo from Yabiku Sensei.

In 1934, Taira Shinken invited Mabuni Kenwa. He accepted the invitation and taught Taira until his return to Okinawa in 1940. Taira expanded his knowledge of Kata and techniques of the Bo and Sai. Later he began to experiment with the idea of full contact weapon sparring and was trying to develop flexible and strong armor, so as not to hinder any movement, but also be able to resist the strike of a Bo. Teaching in Gunma Prefecture he visited a Buddhist temple to pray for success of his newly opened Dojo. It was there that he saw a large Manji which in Taira’s eyes resembled as a Sai kobudo weapon. Direct he got inspired as how to create a weapon from its shape. He developed the Mariji sai and created Jigan no Sai .The Kata takes advantage of many double handed thrusting techniques. Kanji of this Kata can be translated as the foundation of love / compassion’ which shows a connection with Buddhist symbol.
Yamazaki Sensei

In 1940 he returned to Okinawa and after the death of Yabiku sensei, established the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko-Kai (Association for the promotion and preservation of Ryukyu Kobudo, in 1955). He continued to make visits to the Kansai and Kanto in Japan. In the early 1960’s he published the first book on Ryukyu Kobudo in Japanese entitled “Ryukyu Kobudo Taiken.” In 1960 he appointed his students to different positions in the Shinko Kai and established testing and licensing standards. In 1963 the Kokusai Karate-do Kobudo Renmei was formed with Higa Seiko as the chairman and Taira Shinken as the vice chairman. In 1964 he was recognized as a master teacher and awarded with Hanshi certification by the All Japan Kobudo Federation. After Taira Shinken’s death his most senior student Akamine Eisuke, took over the position as chairman of the Ryukyu Hozon Shinko Kai and opened his own Shinbu Kan dojo in 1971. This was followed by other students of Taira opening their own respective Dojo-s.

Yamazaki Sensei last UK seminar was conducted under the invitation of Wayne Stolen-Smith Sensei 4th Dan JKR and Marita Stolen-Smith Sensei 3rd Dan JKR at the Crawley K2 Dojo. Yamazaki Sensei taught two seminars on Tuesday 10th November. His first seminar was for the junior members of the JKR-UK again covering the kihon (basics) of the Shindo Jinen Ryu. Yamazaki Sensei last UK session which well attended by both JKR members as well as representatives from several other UK groups concentrated on correct application of form and the self defence principles from the Shindo Jinen Ryu.

These three seminars were an increasingly rare opportunity to train in an authentic none sport orientated original Japanese martial art. Yamazaki Sensei has been visiting the UK to promote the Shindo Jinen Ryu for over thirty-five years. We look forward to Yamazaki Sensei returning to the UK in November 2010.

Next year we will celebrate Yamazaki Sensei’s 70th Birthday with a series of special open seminars and banquet hosted by the JKR-MEXICO branch, if you would like to join us please visit the website below for details;


A dojo of the Karatenomichi World Federation (KWF) UK branch run by a Mr F. Daniels, invited Stolen-Smith Sensei to teach two Bo session in July and September.
Wayne Stolen-Smith Seminar

The aim of both session in July and September was to look at the first kata of the Japan Karate-do Ryobukai syllabus, Sunakake No Kon.

A detailed study of the kata was undertaken and the general elementary use of the Bo was taught.

The kihon practised was taken from the kata and was developed into kumi-bo drills to help the entire novice Bo practitioners grasp a better understanding of the kata.

The final section of the class focused on core body balancing work using the principles taught within the JKR Bo training.
Wayne Stolen-Smith Seminar

Due to the progress made since the July Seminar Stolen-Smith Sensei in his September session was able to review the topics previously covered and introduce kihon

And kumi-bo drills from the next kata in the JKR syllabus Sushi No Kon Dai.

The feed back from the seminar has been excellent with a number of students showing interest in training further in the JKR Kobujitsu syllabus.

Let’s hope some of them will visit the new JKR dojo that is opening in the area in February 2010.

Bob Rhodes Sensei 7th Dan KUGB  [15 October 2009]


Bob Rhodesl Seminar
Rhodes Sensei made his second visit to the JKR-UK Hombu at the Nottingham Zanshin dojo on Sunday 4th October 2009 to provide an open seminar.

An excellent attendance representing over 8 different associations joined JKR UK members to gain the benefit of one of the UK’s foremost karate exponents.

Rhodes Sensei provided two sessions, an all grades class and an advanced black and brown belt class.

The senior class enjoyed the in depth kata knowledge of Rhodes Sensei’s presentation of the kata WANKAN with a comprehensive understanding of the bunkai of the kata.

Rhodes Sensei will be visiting the JKR-UK Hombu twice next year.