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How to join the JKR-UK

As a Dojo
Please contact our administration office. We will send you a full information pack and dojo application form. All our seminars are open to none JKR-UK members and your dojo will be invited to attend or one of our board seniors will be appointed to contact you about visiting your dojo to discuss the JKR and its principles with you.

We provide a full curriculum of Okinawan/Japanese authentic karate and kobujitsu.

Any dojo wishing to join our group would need to adopt our curriculum and grading policy.

A dojo joining the JKR-UK normally joins on a 12 month probationary period.

During that probationary period all Dan grades in your dojo will need to attend our instructor training program and start preparing for JKR Dan grading subject to the appropriate time requirements.

To run a dojo within the JKR-UK you will be expected to sign and agree to the JKR Code of Conduct and have the following in place as a dojo joining from another group;

  • The main instructor must be the minimum of Shodan.
  • All instructors will be required to be CRB checked.
  • All instructors must have a recognized First Aid qualification.
  • All instructors must have suitable instructor insurance.

The JKR-UK can assist you in obtaining the above.

As an Instructor
The JKR-UK does not normally allow anybody to run their own dojo below the grade of Sandan, therefore anybody wishing to join as an instructor will normally have a senior of the JKR-UK nominated as a mentor. The mentor’s role is to help you develop your understanding of the JKR and the Shindo Jinen Ryu.

The JKR and the JKR-UK operate an international instructor program which ALL instructors will need to be involved with. After graduating from the instructors program, the JKR helps all it’s instructors in providing a continuous development program.

The JKR as a Dan grade group that operates locally and internationally, which all JKR Dan grades can join. It is not mandatory for Shodan to Sandan, however at Sandan you will be invited to join, as it is a requirement to progress through the senior grading program.

The Yudansha-kai provides a number of benefits to its members;

  • An international support network of Dan grades./li>
  • A historical reference point.
  • Regular local and International training clinics.
  • Its own Newsletter.

There are many other benefits which the local Yudansha-kai representative will be willing to inform you about.

As an Individual
The JKR welcomes both new and experienced martial artist at its dojo’s.

Most dojos provide classes for all ages and abilities. Contact our administration office to establish the nearest dojo to you and they will arrange for you to attend an introduction meeting to discuss what you want from the martial arts.

The JKR-UK provides classes across its dojo’s everyday of the week. All of our instructors are CRB checked and operate a safe training policy.

Training in the Shindo Jinen Ryu and joining the Japan Karate-do Ryobukai offers a complete martial art system that one can practice throughout your life.

Our dojo’s offer a friendly warm welcome to both new and returning members, encouraging individuals in developing;

  • Self-Defence
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Confidence
  • Fitness
  • FUN!